Why Should Clean Your Patio With A Pressure Washer

Why Should Clean Your Patio With A Pressure Washer?

Using a pressure washer to clean your patio and paths is the most effective way of cleaning. A pressure washer is far quicker, easier and more effective than using a scrubbing brush and hose. A good pressure washer will make your patio and paths look much better and stop them becoming dangerously slippery to walk on. All you need is a good powerful pressure washer, a bucket, patio cleaning solution, a hard yard brush and a hose pipe to supply the water.

If you don’t have a pressure washer in your toolshed, you’re missing out. Spring is a good time to add one to your arsenal of lean, green cleaning machines. Plus, they’ve come down in price, and are easier to manage than they used to be, making pressure washing your deck and patio much more fun and much less hassle. They blast away dirt mostly without harsh chemicals, which is good for the planet and your deck and patio plants. Most models have a detergent tank or two, so you can add a little earth-friendly soap if you need more cleaning macho.

First of all, you need to clear the area of all freestanding items. Using the hard yard brush, brush up all the debris from the area you are about to clean. When diluting any cleaning solution always read the label. Once you have scrubbed the solution into the surface, leave it for 5 to 10 minutes before pressure washing off.

Good quality pressure washers with built-in a detergent tank are perfect for this task. You can apply your cleaning solution in there and it will actually dilute it for you. Your pressure will clean most outdoor surfaces, small block paving, large patio slabs and wooden decking planks. It really is that simple to clean your hard surfaces.


Tips for using a pressure washer

  • Make sure your hose is firmly attached to the tap. Turn the hose on then release the lance trigger until water runs freely before you switch on the power.
  • Fit the appropriate lance – most have a simple bayonet fitting. The pump will not operate until you squeeze the trigger. Make sure all connectors are tight and there are no leaks.
  • Work from one edge or corner of the patio, blasting the dirt away from you in a sweeping motion.
  • If necessary, use the most powerful setting or the rotary lance to shift ground-in dirt and grime.
  • Rinse off using a lower pressure.
Pressure washer with a detergent tank
Bestseller No. 1
Briggs & Stratton 20680 Electric Pressure Washer 1800 PSI 1.2 GPM with 20-Foot High Pressure Hose, Turbo Nozzle & Detergent Tank
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Briggs & Stratton 20680 Electric Pressure Washer 1800 PSI 1.2 GPM with 20-Foot High Pressure Hose, Turbo Nozzle & Detergent Tank
  • 1800 MAX PSI at 1.1 GPM, 1.2 MAX GPM at 900 PSI electric pressure washer
  • Be ready for whatever unexpected impact comes your way with a tough welded-steel frame that gives you added protection
  • Upgrade your cleaning potential in seconds by simply adding soap to the integrated detergent tank
  • Reach higher with your cleaning potential, with 20 feet of flexible hose that's built to endure hard work and high pressure
  • Clean up to 40% faster by quickly attaching our specialized, time-saving turbo nozzle
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Stanley SLP2050 2050 psi 2-in-1 Electric Pressure Washer Mobile Cart Or Detach Portable Use With Detergent Tank, Yellow, Medium
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Stanley SLP2050 2050 psi 2-in-1 Electric Pressure Washer Mobile Cart Or Detach Portable Use With Detergent Tank, Yellow, Medium
  • COMES WITH MOBILE CART: Push this pressure washer to the cleaning job or detach and carry it as a stand alone pressure washer anywhere.
  • POWERFUL CLEANING FORCE: Perfect for siding, decks, cement, pavement, pools, outdoor furniture, cars, trucks, RVs, ATVs, garbage cans, animal cages and more.
  • SAVE WATER OVER A GARDEN HOSE: Up to 80% over a standard garden hose with 40% more water pressure.
  • LEAKPROOF CONNECTIONS: Professional grade brass garden hose connector and 22mm connections. The connection of choice for professional level accessories.
  • Contact customer support anytime for the lifetime of the electric pressure washer.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Sun Joe SPX2000 1740 PSI 1.59 GPM Electric Pressure Washer, 12.5-Amp
80 Reviews
Sun Joe SPX2000 1740 PSI 1.59 GPM Electric Pressure Washer, 12.5-Amp
  • Ideal for medium-to-heavy duty cleaning jobs
  • Adjustable spray nozzle easily controls water pressure
  • Powerful 12.5-amp/1500-Watt motor
  • On-board 0.9 L detergent tank for extra cleaning power
  • Contains Garden Hose Adaptor (Female Coupler)
Why Should Clean Your Patio With A Pressure Washer?
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